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Has your visa application or Asylum case been rejected or refused by the UKVI or by an Entry Clearance Officer? Have you received a refusal notice? Do you have an upcoming Immigration hearing? Would you like to find out the merits in appealing the decision? Do you seek advice and representation?

At Kewalion & Co, we understand that refusals can be very distressing for all involved. You spend days, weeks or even months for a decision, and then finally, the letter from the Home Office arrives. Your hands begin to shake as you open the envelope and then your mouth turns dry when you read the words similar to, 'Your application/asylum claim has been refused and you must now make arrangements to leave the UK' or 'Your application for entry clearance has been refused. You re-read the letter again and again but nothing seems to make any sense.

What now? What do I do? How has this happened? Has the Home Office Caseworker missed something? Have my Solicitors not explained/provided something vital?

The above are all normal question to ask. Unfortunately, Immigration refusals are very common. Most refusals are usually down to simple mistakes, the Home Office missing something, not considering a vital piece of evidence, mis-interpreting their own policy and rules or badly prepared applications to begin with. Reassuringly, statistics confirm that the majority of refusals are however allowed at Appeal.

So, if you are feeling lost, heartbroken, angry, sad or at a loss as to what to do next. Do not despair. Help is at hand. Please feel free to contact us with a short message attaching your refusal decision. We will consider the points for refusal and let you know of your legal options and whether there are any merits or not in appealing. We have access to some of the country's leading Immigration Barristers and Queen's Counsel to rely on for a second opinion.

Please note: Given the tight deadline within which we must take instructions, prepare the Grounds of Appeal and lodge these, in-time, with Her Majesties Courts and Tribunals Service, please do not delay and contact us straight away marking your message as extremely urgent.

All urgent matters can be raised directly with the Managing Director via email:

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