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Change of Name Deed


Do you require a Deed of Change of Name?

There are many reasons as to why you may wish to change your name such as:

  • following a marriage or civil partnership;
  • a dislike of your given name;
  • following a divorce;
  • personal reasons

If you are over 16, you can change your name simply; by starting to use your new one. However, you will encounter difficulties adopting the use of this name on official documents such on your passport, driving licence or bank account without legal evidence.

A Deed of Change of Name is a legal document which you can use to officially change your name with all the necessary bodies such as:

  • Her Majetsies Passport Office for changing your name on your Passport
  • The DVLA for changing your name on your Driving License
  • Bank accounts
  • Your credit cards
  • National Health Service (NHS)
  • HMRC
  • Your mortgage documents
  • Your last will and testsment

Can I use any name?

There are limits and certain restrictions on your choice of name. Your new name must be pronounceable in at least one language, is must include a first name and a surname and it mustn't be one of the names excluded by the Home Office.

We offer both walk-in and online drafting services. To find out more contact us now or complete the form on the right. Our fees are fixed at £50 for drafting and witnessing the Change of Name Deed